Dr. D. N . Rao's Sakthi Ayur Concepts Ltd


Q. Can I consume Sakthi herbal nut powder frequently?
Yes. Sakthi herbal nut powder can be consumed frequently without hesitiation. It is an unique preparation prepared bay a Doctor who has 40 years of vast experience in alternative medical science(Anubuth Ayurveda). It can be taken by all from 6 years child to 60 years old. It is a compostion of 15 natural herbal ingredients that are helpful to health.It is a blend of age old healthy traditonal habit with touch of modern needs.The principle ingredient dry dates is rich with energy and helps in nourishment.

Q. Is Sakthi herbal nut powder is an addictive?
No It is not an addictive. It does not contain any harmful ingredients or addictions. It is an ayurvedic compostion manufactured under ayurvedic license since 18 years. Its not Gutkha or Pan masala. It does not contain artificial sweetners or flavours. Frequent use of Sakthi herbal nut powder keeps away people from crave of addictions.

Q. May I know the benefits of Sakthi herbal nut powder?
It is a substitute for pan and a after meals concept. It releives heaviness of stomach successfully , As it is a composition of natural herbs it also serves as natural herbal freshner which is first of its kind and a unique product in India with a dual purpose.