Dr. D. N . Rao's Sakthi Ayur Concepts Ltd

Gas Relief Churna

We manufacture and supply Gas Relief Churna as D.N.Rao's Sakti Khajuramla Gas Relief Churna. Only selected natural herbs and other ingredients are used in making Gas Relief Churna to ensure optimum efficacy. It is medically tested on various parameters before supply. Our Gas Relief Churna is known for its distinctive taste and high effectiveness. Customers can purchase Gas Relief Churna as per the requirement at very low prices.

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D.N.Rao's Sakti Khajuramla Gas Relieve Churna

We are offering D.N.Rao's Sakti Khajuramla Gas Relieve Churna which is the best solution for treating gas problems. It is processed using herbal ingredients ensuring safe and instant effects. Our Gas Relieve Churna has a distinctive taste for which it is appreciated also. It provides instant relief from gas and maintains good